blood on the walls

blood on the walls takes us from tranquil Mediterranean beaches to behind the walls of Maryland’s most notorious reformatory for wayward youth. It shows how the daughter of a high-ranking CIA official was torn from the only home she had ever known and desperately sought in substances the comfort that her closed-off family could not provide. Eventually Trish became a sober, loving, single mother whose job is to help troubled adolescents avoid being swallowed up by the life in which she was once engulfed.


"Trish Earnest’s poignant and honest memoir of pain and redemption rings with sincerity, candor and conviction. Her experiences of being caught in the grips of addiction at a young age, and her courageous struggle to overcome them, are absorbing and moving.  The lesson for all is that it’s never too late to heal and persevere. And how sweet it is when she does.

- Eva Dillon, Author of "SPIES IN THE FAMILY" 

   former President, Reader’s Digest, U.S.



"Trish Earnest’s tumultuous journey is raw, moving and triumphant. Her bravely self-revelatory account of her battle with addiction will inspire many, as it inspires me.  She is one badass survivor, not just of the disease of alcoholism, but of a flawed system that she is devoted to improving. A great read by an authentic new voice." 

– Maria Leonard Olsen, author of “Not the Cleaver Family—
     The New Normal in Modern American Families



"blood on the walls is a gripping memoir that takes the reader through the throes of adolescent disaffection, alcoholism and addiction of a young girl. Patricia begins her disaffection upon her family’s move from Greece to the United States.  She rapidly falls in with the crowd using drugs and alcohol to deal with the turmoil of adolescent life. Her story is one that takes the reader through an ineffective juvenile criminal justice system and its failure to improve the lives of those that it’s designed to help. In spite of the significant trauma of her early years, she manages to become the committed mother of 2 boys, achieve sobriety and become a productive member of society. Truly a story of redemption in spite of a traumatic adolescence and adulthood. This story is highly recommended to anyone interested in both our juvenile justice system and its failures as well as the terrible scourge of alcoholism and drug addiction in our modern society and the ability to recover from this disease."


- Bruce Eanet, Member, Board of Trustees,
    Caron Treatment Centers



"Quite the story! Many intense, disturbing ,and poignant moments! Trish is an amazing survivor and really brings it home in this all too real and gritty memoir of addiction and of it’s transcendence in recovery. I’ve heard many women speak of the role that the love of their children played in motivating their journey of healing, Trish nails it."


- Jay Eubanks, LCSW-C
    Psychotherapist at Psychological Solutions